The Akashic Records are mentioned in the Holy Books of many of the world’s great religious traditions. In the Bible they are called the Book of Life. These records are an imprint of each soul’s existence and journey.  Major life events are recorded for future reference by the soul. As we progress in our lives, we can view our path as spiral, ever up and out gaining more perspective for having had previously traversed similar experiences. The wisdom that has been gained by experience—life’s lessons of love, strength and courage—are recorded. Lessons still to be learned and future possibilities are also present for reference. In accessing the records through a sacred and protecting prayer, we can find guidance as to what issues to be working on, where we should focus our attention and what perspectives we should be open to when we are faced with challenges, hardships or even new exciting possibilities.

In this realm of spirit where the records are recorded, there are those with great love for humanity which has led them to serve as keepers of these records. In accessing the records we may receive not only valuable insight into currently relevant situations, but a healing outpouring of love, grace and wisdom.