By way of introduction, I have been in the helping profession for 20 years. I am a trained Licensed Professional Counselor. My Masters degree is from Illinois School of Professional Psychology (1998). I interned at the American Indian Health Service in Chicago. I am grateful for the training and experience, but no longer choose to utilize talk therapy having found that the less traditional energy healing addresses emotional and energetic issues that insight alone doesn’t always address. I am called to facilitate this facet of the healing journey.

I have been reading the Akashic Records since 1990 having learned in the first class taught by my lovely and very highly attuned teacher, Ellena Leiberman. I find loving healing, grace, profound wisdom and insight to flow from this work.

Most recently, I was led to the work of Reconnective Healing and Reconnection after having practiced Reiki for many years. Impressed upon learning that Reconnective Healing frequencies encompass Reiki and all other healing energies as well as “light and information, and most impressed by the results of my own healings, I knew I had to do this work. I studied with Eric Pearl and am now a Level III practitioner offering Reconnections as well as Reconnective Healing Sessions.

I am grateful to offer these two modalities to help facilitate your growth and development on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Please call me if you wish to make an appointment or would like to learn more.

Mary Ellen Rinaldi, MA, LPC
708 214-7506