The spiral symbolizes the recycling of life’s experiences in the context of an ever-widening consciousness and growing capacity to benefit from life’s lessons. It represents a simultaneous centering in and expansion of the unfolding hidden depth of our being. We see this process at work throughout nature. As organisms advance, they demonstrate greater complexity and increased integration at the same time. In like manner, we are able to incorporate ever richer and wider experiences into an ever-more-integrated and unified Self as we evolve, demonstrating a growing capacity to absorb life’s experiences and build them into an ever-more-coherent worldview. We see the same process occurring with humanity on a world scale today—another sign of humanity’s evolving consciousness. The spiral therefore symbolizes a repetitive winding of experience back on itself, fostering in the process and ever-deepening grasp of life’s meaning and complexity, leading steadily toward and increasingly integrated and individualized ego marked by a steady expansion of consciousness. The center is eternally open, the paradigm of the heart. From its hidden depths—the Source of our being—our potential for life and consciousness cyclically and eternally unfolds, bringing a progressive revelation of what lies within. The spiral represents the unfolding of our hidden creative powers and symbolizes both self-realization and boundless expansion.

- Finley Eversole
Art and Spiritual Transformation